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Reverse PNAU 

Okay, so this is like, the best thing. I sketched these out because I’m still supposed to be studying for my Bio test tomorrow, but here’s how I see them: 

Hiccup: A bit more of an aggressive punk than Jack is in PNAU, but when he sees that Jack is actually uncomfortable he treats him much gentler and you can see his compassion for what it really is. Guardianoffrost came up with the idea that Hiccup would be on the rugby team, and we agreed he’s the leader of a gang called ‘Riders of Berk’, which are the members of the Rugby team. By the way sorry for the somewhat uncreative hairstyle, I can’t really see Hiccup without his flowing mane??? It’s weird I know. He also has a super cool motorcycle. 

Jack: Super big sweetie that just tries to stay out of harms way. He sometimes wears contacts to feel a bit less ‘geeky’ (which is why I have that second picture without glasses) but he is much more socially adept than PNAU Hiccup. He has braces, and he loves wearing collard shirts with form fitting sweaters. 

Have any questions? Send them in! I may not get to them tonight but I’ll always reply :) 

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